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“We help leaders solve the unsolvable.”

Sophia Associates Inc offers executive coaching and we work with visionary leaders, creative and social entrepreneurs and global change agents to develop leadership skills and create the organizational cultures that meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Leaders today are facing an adaptive challenge – global challenges that are beyond their capacity to solve but must be solved. Our coaches and consultants work with you to make a lasting impact on your organization and on the world.

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Sophia Associates, Inc. assists organizations to…

  • Develop high-integrity, self-aware leaders that can inspire as well as execute strategically.
  • Create alignment in teams to produce results while building trust and honesty and collaborative competency.
  • Convene leadership team conversations around what is essential to the emerging future of the organization.
  • Generate innovative thinking that results in higher levels of personal and organizational agility and resilience
  • Support non-profit leaders and social entrepreneurs who are making a significant difference and contribution to the world
  • Practice an integrative model of leadership that unites wisdom, knowledge, execution and emotional intelligence

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
~ Albert Einstein ~

Sophia Associates Inc. is a woman-owned business, a global collaborative of professional coaches, experienced consultants and skilled facilitators known for manifesting excellence in themselves and their clients. We work in person and remotely via Skype and other technologies for the convenience of our clients.

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Services We Offer

Leadership Development

Visionary leaders confidently embrace change, develop collaborative relationships, adapt rapidly and transform culture.

We help you maintain focus on what matters most.

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Teams & Cohorts

The most effective teams create more value, sustainable alignment, mutual accountability and enhanced productivity.

We help you create alignment of purpose and a focus on results through learning cohorts and team development.

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Organizational Learning

21st century organizations develop leaders from the inside out, are agile and learning based, pushing boundaries and generating innovation.

We help you cultivate leadership by building the inner-awareness that precedes effective execution.

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Personal Development

As a human being you can create life and work in alignment with your deepest values.

We engage you on issues of legacy, purpose, transitions and service through transformational conversations.

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Personal Retreats

Being in Nature inspires and connects you to your spirit. Nothing is in the way.

We journey together to re-discover what brings you alive and create a way for you to manifest that in the world.

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Coach Mentoring

As a coach you learn how to build a profitable business using holistic approaches, how to articulate your offer and how to reach your potential as a coach grounded in an attitude of service.

We are here to challenge you to go beyond your current capacity to meet client needs.

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